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◆◆ 2-Nights Value Plan Stay ◆◆ Half-off your standard plan on the second night! We arranged a special offer so you fully enjoy Kanazawa and its treasures.


Weskii strives to become the No.1 hotel for sustainable tourism in the Holkuriku area. (Sustainable tourism businesses aim to protect the environment, promote traditions and cultures, and ethical practices to respect local communities.) 【Environment Protection】In order to "truly protect our children's future from climate change," Weskii owns a renewable energy power plant that allows us to operate at net zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutral). 【Promotion of Traditional Culture】Kanazawa's gold leaf is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and boasts the highest quality in the world. We are a designer's hotel showcasing a blend of Japanese and Western spaces unique to Kanazawa, supervised by a local gold leaf designer who is active globally. We are also proud of our collaboration projects with local gold leaf manufacturer "Hakuichi" and many other sponsors. Amenities such as gold leaf cosmetics, gold leaf soft-serve ice cream, and gold leaf facial treatment are just a few of the many ways to experience gold leaf with all five senses. 【Labour Shortage Due to An Aging Population】The conflicting issues of "chronic labor shortage" and "the Japanese government's declaration of Japan as a tourism nation (60 million foreign visitors to Japan)" lead not only to a decline in the quality and quantity of services provided to customers but also to a lack of consideration for the local community and deterioration of the working environment. Weskii considers "quality relaxation time in their room" our customers' most important aspect of their stay. To improve the customer satisfaction level, we must select and focus our resources and efforts to maximize the experience inside the guest room. This is why we consider processes such as check-in, key handover, and check-out can be accomplished conveniently by unmanned systems.


A small luxury hotel with only 8 guest rooms. Overseas, “condominium hotels” are popular for “multi-group” or “long-term stay” trips. With a spacious space of 50 square meters or more, a private kitchen, bath with bathtub, separate toilet, and state-of-the-art home appliances are installed, and up to 10 people can stay in the same room.


We offer a variety of meals that meet the needs of our customers, such as breakfast at a popular Italian restaurant in the Kanazawa Station Building, authentic handmade bento boxes by chefs, and more.